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The God Who Knows!

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Psalm 139:1-4

Theologians have come up with a big word to describe one aspect of God. He is omniscient. Big words expand our vocabulary but when we are talking with one another about God we seldom use them.

Omniscience strikes awe into the heart of anyone who understands what it means, so what does it mean?

As I bowed in prayer this morning I was compelled to worship God because He hears and answers prayer based on all that He knows about me and those for whom I am praying. It really is a privilege for us to bring our cares to God, isn’t it? – our God who understands the bigger picture and all the forces that have caused us joy or pain.

Knowing the workings of the human heart, God can give direction that suits our particular need, and does so through the power of the Holy Spirit. The thought occurs – how does God who is perfect and Holy understand man’s propensity to sin? He is our Creator. As the great designer of mankind, God sees the weaknesses that cause failure and He tests our weak points to demonstrate His strength, which is made perfect in weakness! (2 Corinthians 12:9)

God knows us in every detail – physically, emotionally, spiritually, better even than we know ourselves. Throughout the Old Testament we see this all-knowing God providing for His people out of the wealth of His nature – rich in love, wisdom, mercy and patience. Time and again when His children cried out to Him God responded gently, kindly, in spite of the superficiality of their tears.

Often it was a matter of personal comfort that drove folks to prayer, then, just as now. With a deep sense of entitlement God’s people come to Him, knowing that He knows and cares about our welfare. What gives us that confidence when so much of the time we ignore His longing to be loved, to be in intimate fellowship, to communicate with joy? Is it because we know God is Omniscient?

The Bible is explicit:

Psalm 147:5 – God’s knowledge is infinite, endless, limitless.

1 John 3:20 – God knows all things

Matthew 10:30 – hairs of our heads are numbered – nothing is too small

Psalm 147:4 – nothing (universe) is too vast, beyond His knowledge

Hebrews 4:13 – no creatures are hidden from God – all things are open to Him

Psalm 44:21 – He knows the secrets of our hearts

1 Chronicles 28:9 – He knows our intentions, our thoughts!


Imagine that this omniscient God wants to be known by His creatures. He makes His righteousness and salvation known so that we can have a personal relationship with him (Psalm 98:2). God even wants His greatness and holiness to be known by the nations (Ezekiel 38:23). He is an inclusive God because love is the very essence of His nature!

by Marilyn Daniels.

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