In Remembrance

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Luke 22:15-20

November is a time set aside to remember the horror of two world wars, and of course veterans from other wars are also celebrated. So many young lives were lost in a slaughter made necessary in defence of values and ideals considered to be worthy personal sacrifice.

Another battle might be remembered as we look at the evils of warfare. Only one life was lost, but it has impacted the world for more than 2,000 years! Jesus died for the sins of the whole world so that every tribe and nation will have an opportunity to know God in a personal way. Why is that important?

Another question for today is: “What makes life worth living?” What is it that gives meaning and purpose to the routines which day after day may become mundane, boring and even perhaps meaningless? As we remember what men and women in bygone eras have fought for, do we hold anything so very dear that we would be willing to die for it?

Imagine the value of every person, each of us created in the image of God. Giving us the capability to make choices was a risky business, but God wanted us to freely love Him in response to His great love for each individual. He loved us so much that He was willing to provide the only solution to the wrong choices which led mankind into sin. Sin, of course, separates us from our Holy Heavenly Father.

As we take time to remember WW1 and 2, perhaps we might remember the battle with evil which plagues humans since the fall of Adam. Let us remember, as Christ Himself taught His disciples long ago to remember that awful moment when, bearing the burden of our sin, He was separated from the Father while enduring the agony of the cross. Alone!

However, that was not the end. Good prevailed over evil! The wonderful victory of Jesus’ resurrection authorizes our greatest hope – that we one day will rise to spend eternity with our Saviour and Lord, in His kingdom. Let us cling to this precious remembrance.


What lessons have we learned from history? What might we be willing to die for? Is there something that lights our passion? What memories bring you and me the greatest thrill? What is our heart’s greatest treasure? What do Jesus’ words “Do this in remembrance of Me” bring to mind?

by Marilyn Daniels. (

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