The Glory of God

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John 1:14

Have you ever seen the glory of God? Often when breath-taking scenery makes us gasp, we may think of things that are glorious. Then when we hear about heroic acts, such as a bus driver rescuing seniors stuck in their car on tracks where a train is thundering down on them, we are awed by his bravery.

However, the glory of God is beyond description. You may remember that after speaking with God, Moses’ face was so radiant he had to cover it with a veil. How many of us can describe the glories of heaven. Reading the book of Revelation stretches our human imaginations, doesn’t it? What does the word “glory” mean to you?

The glory of God: John, in his gospel declares “We have seen His glory”. What does John mean? This was not a singular experience, because John speaks for all the disciples. “We” have seen… Written two thousand years ago, his words still stir our spirits with anticipation as we hope to also see “His glory, the glory of the One and Only , who came from the Father” (John 1:14), some day. Imagine what it will be like to see our Lord Jesus Christ, face to face! This is something worth meditating on.

John goes on to describe Jesus, God in a human body, as full of grace and truth. In our world today we could value those qualities! What is truth? Without absolutes, truths are hard to determine. Unless we appreciate God’s own Holy Word, we are lost. He is the “Only” truth worth trusting. Jesus’ voice thunders down through the ages – “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life! How glorious would it be to live in a world governed by Truth!


As I ponder this scripture a prayer arose in my heart. Let this start with me. Perhaps my life could show forth the glory of God if I yield to the Spirit of Truth. As a Christ-follower, do I present truth in the place God has put me? The truth is – I had nothing to do with the parents God gave to me, nor the siblings, nor the race to which I belong. I am who I am by God’s grace, as each one of us is – created for a Divine purpose. Is that purpose to bear “Truth” to the glory of God?

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