Tactics of Satan

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Job 1:6-7, 1 Peter 1:8-9

We have just celebrated Easter – the death and resurrection of the Christ. Where do we learn important truths about this vital doctrine of the Christian faith? Satan casts doubt on the veracity of the resurrection and among some, even about the truth of the crucifixion. Is the Bible true, or is it not to be trusted?

Today many Christians struggle to model their convictions among people who do not acknowledge God’s love and mercy.  Why? There are many answers to that question, but one stands out in my mind just now. People who claim to know and love God, must know and love God.  There is a struggle for supremacy over the human mind; Satan against God. The war is waged in both big and little battles (2 Corinthians 10:3-4). We sometimes see this in the choices we make, or even in the choices we do not make, as we rush along in the busy-ness of our world. Authors write about fitting God into a 3-minute devotional each day. Is this enough for a God who invites us to be in communication with Him 24/7? (1 Thessalonians 5:17). Doesn’t our day belong to Him?

Furthermore, perhaps relationships are falling apart today because we are trying the same principle. Quality time not quantity! Quality time often means a frenetic busy-ness of its own, doing something together as couples, doing something together as parent and child, doing something together as friends. When can we dream dreams together? When can we enjoy silence together? When can we share about our faith and those precious things we are learning about God? How often is it all about doing, rather than being?  The same problem exists as we attempt to appease our God. And Satan laughs.

Back to the Bible – the Old Testament.  Here God repeats over and over again what He has done for His people. Review! What an important part of learning. Just to ensure we get it right we need times of meditation, times of being still and “knowing that I am God”, times of wonder and adoration., time to listen to the “still small voice” of God (1 Kings 19:12).

We need to be reminded that before we asked Jesus to cleanse us from our sins we were dead. DEAD! Death separates us from life, but God… He has a plan to bring people back to life. In so many words, we are resuscitated by the Holy Spirit – made aware of our need so that we can choose life. Who is doing the seeking? God the Holy Spirit.  However, there are movements today who would refute this by telling us to develop the god within each of us. This is defined in our culture as being ‘spiritual’. God does not appeal to the god within us when He offers us a salvation purchased at the cost of Christ’s life.

We need to remember how separate we were in our sins, from the character of God, His holiness and purity, His love and His justice.  If we do not remember, Satan laughs as he gains supremacy in our thinking and our language, in our behavior and our relationships!  Let us not give Satan this opportunity!


When God made man in His image, didn’t He empower Adam to rule over His precious creation? (Genesis 1:26). Why would we believe that anymore than we believe that God said “Let there be Light and there was light”? (Genesis 1:3). What do you and I believe about God and why? Satan began with Eve: “Did God really say….” (Genesis 3:1) and he tempts us with those very same words.

Don’t we need God to guide us in the big and little decisions we will make each day? Who is in charge the rest of our day after a quick moment of devotion as we speed off into the workplace? Do we trust God’s warning to us about the evil One who seeks to devour us? Each day we face the temptation Satan throws at us to disbelieve, to distrust God’s Holy Word. Where do we get the power to discern what is truth and what is not true, if such a thing is possible in Scripture?

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