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Joel 2:25

We found the Israelites in a state of terror at the beginning of chapter 2. Judgment was going to fall. “The Day of the Lord is coming….a day of darkness and gloom” (2:1-2) Destruction was promised by the very God they had chosen to ignore, and now they could see the signs clearly. The locusts have eaten everything. “The Day of the Lord is great; it is dreadful! Who can endure it?” (2:11).

God had been calling the people to repentance for a long time. He now calls the priests, whose actual service is “to the Lord” (2:17), not just for the people. God needs them to weep and pray for His mercy, to prove their hearts are in their worship. Their tone was to be not only repentant, but they were to beg God to save His glory. What a prayer! (2:17). What exactly did it mean?

These are conditions laid down by God through Joel. Once they were met the Lord had something positive to offer. In fact according to His zealous nature the Lord made a significant promise. “I will repay to you for the years the locusts have eaten” (2:25). Notice the Lord does not promise to keep them from the battle, but once it is over He will restore.

He is specific. His people will never be put to shame. They will know that God is in their midst! The Lord will pour out His Spirit in those days (post-judgement). Whoever calls on the name of the Lord will be saved (2:26-29). This must have sounded utopian to a nation writhing in its death-throes. What does it promise for us today?

The prophet continues. There will be judgment for the nations who had persecuted God’s people – those He calls “My Heritage”. Those responsible for the diaspora (3:2), will face God. The battle will take place in the Valley of Jehoshaphat, also referred to as the “Valley of Decision” (3:12 & 14). Here the Lord will be near. Usually that is a comforting phrase, but not in this instance. His very presences promotes danger. In His anger God will roar, so that the heavens and the earth will shake.

BUT! The Lord will protect His people. In this mighty battle the Israelite God will show His strength to the nations. There will be no shadow of doubt about whose side He is on. Israel and the world will know! (3:16-17). “Judah will abide forever and Jerusalem from generation to generation….for the Lord dwells in Zion” (3:20-21).

The great battle of Armageddon will be followed by peace like the world has never known because the Prince of Peace will reign, as prophecy has already announced. However, just as is written – this peace will only come after the battle (Revelation 16:16, 17:14).


Have you ever prayed that God would do something for His name’s sake?

Will you be on the side of restoration? Does your daily walk with God demonstrate this attitude today?

What battles in your life have prompted the peace of God in a demonstrable way?

by Marilyn Daniels (MarilynDaniels.net)

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